Latest Investments:

90/24 Media

We are 90/24, a team of sports enthusiasts with a talent for social media. We are passionate about storytelling. We help top athletes share personal stories to worldwide audiences. We get up close and personal, and reveal unique insights into their professional and private lives. We publish new content across all major online platforms every day, reaching tens of millions across the globe. We achieve premium fan engagement rates, allowing brands and sponsors to access highly valuable target groups. Turning followers into fans, we are 90/24.

Team Tromp Formats

TV & Video format development Team Tromp is a highly creative development company for TV and internet video formats. Our format Powlitie (original name Busted!) has been aired for 3 seasons with 16 episodes on the national Dutch broadcaster Powned. Team Tromp strongly believes in combining the greatness of TV and the smartness of the internet when it comes to developing formats.

Video Agency RIDE

We’re a team that is born to create. Storytellers. Video lovers. Eating Youtube and Netflix for breakfast, lunch ánd dinner. Contentmakers from day one. Knowledge of all platforms. Used to working fast. Experts in the smarts of online video. Video in de widest sense of the word; social, formats, branded, 360°, VR and how-to’s. But where to start? Together we develop your content strategy. What are the objectives? Which stories are there to tell? What formats are extremely entertaining, informative or inspiring? And is the idea already there? Then we just do the production.

Wall Stories KunstBrigade

At KunstBrigade we tell wall stories. XXL wall stories. We design wall paper, print photographs on special materials to improve acoustic sounds and help with decorating your office walls. We design coverings for your glass meeting rooms. Need decoration or interior tips based on your logo or theme? Without intervention of an office decorator we will think of something unique! And if you have your own pictures, illustrations or ideas, then we just take care of the printing process and production. Also for your private home.